Running Your Own Business has never been easier with Fox Mowing, from as little as $13,145.00

*Pricing varies based on location / demand. Equipment and trailer available with our rent to own and repayment packages.

Are you ready to take control of your future, income and lifestyle?

Contact us today on 1800 369 669 and start your journey to becoming a business owner and taking control over your life, income, family & friend time and always working close to home!

At Fox we are focussed on your success.

Lets face it, at the end of the day, you simply want to make money.

We've taken the hard work out of establishing your own business. If you and Fox jointly decide that there is a winning combination, then joining the Fox Team will be easy.

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Get your free info kit today

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The Fox Opportunity

There is a reason Fox Mowing is the Fastest Growing Mowing & Gardening Company in the Country.

We are one of the most reasonably priced and cost-effective business opportunities out there.

We have available a variety of purchasing, vehicle and rent to own and repayment options to suit your situation.

The Fox Opportunity - 1

Focusing on Your Success

At Fox Mowing we're looking for quality, not quantity. We want to be the best, not the biggest and we're dedicated to your success within our industry of mowing and gardening only – it's what we specialise in, we will never be Fox everything!

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Investment in Your Future

Fox Mowing is focussed on providing all the proper tools and guidance to ensure that you get a fast return on your investment, both initially and ongoing by taking all the hard work out of setting up and ensuring ongoing quality new work and support throughout your career with us, along with fast tracking the build phase & advice as you go!

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Constantly Moving forward

We don't sit still waiting for things to happen. As the business climate changes, we change with it maintaining a lead over our competitors, many said a business like ours would never work against the ‘Big Boys’ in the industry, now we are the 2nd Biggest in the industry and growing in ‘Real Terms’ each & every year.

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It starts with a free information meeting

We want you to be 100% positive that a business is the right move for you, so we will meet with you to go through the details and answer your questions and then arrange for you to spend a day on the road with a one of the Fox team who have been in your position before and show you what it's all about. When looking at anything like this you should take your time, feel no pressure nor be asked for any money upfront to meet with, see an agreement, try it first hand, this should all be commitment free for your peace of mind, and that's how we do things at Fox

  • No commitment to buy
  • No sales tactics
  • Honest accurate Information
  • No inflated figures or promises
  • Free trial day with a Fox near you
  • Agreements sent up front
  • No payments to see our agreement
  • No cost training, it’s all inclusive

Top 3 Reasons Why People Join Fox

our aim is to deliver more value without compromise, along with doing things properly from day one.

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Very reasonable establishment fees, with payment terms to help you get started for less upfront as well as lower and fairer fixed ongoing fees, no hidden costs or conditions and various investment options

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A meaningful work guarantee so that you can rely on knowing that you'll have a guaranteed minimum income for the first 6 months of your business, with no smoke and mirrors or conditions attached to that guarantee making it impossible to not earn.

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We don't take a percentage of your income, so the more you make the more you keep with our fixed low and fair fees, we are a franchise based system that’s actually fair!

What you get when you become a Fox

Receive all Fox Mowing and Gardening Advantages when you join

icon - Fast Start

Fast Start

Start Making Money

We have an easy joining process with minimal fuss and hassle to get your new business up and running fast in a matter of weeks, where we organise it all for you

icon - Large Service Area

Large Service Area

More Suburbs, More Customers

Fox offer larger territories & an unlimited service area over our competitors giving you more potential to make more money, and grow into as big a business as you want with as many crews/teams as you want with Fox, at no extra cost or having to buy additional areas

icon - Business Support

Business Support

You're Never Alone With Fox

We are committed to your success. Fox Mowing offers full network support for our members coming from various people, some with 20-30 + years in the industry dealing with 100’s of these exact businesses and familiar with running 7 figure businesses and teaching/mentoring you, along the way

icon - Free Lead Set Up Period

Free Lead Set Up Period

We cover your first 6 months

At Fox we cover all your leads for the first 6 months so whilst learning the trade, making mistakes and getting used to things in your new business it’s not costing you, but also allowing you to build a full regular client base on us in your first 6 months.

icon - Full Training

Full Training

Full Training Before Starting

Full equipment and infield training is standard at Fox as we are committed to your overall success with us, always done locally and tailored to suit each new team member to focus on them given their background and previous work history, even if not from the industry

icon - Industry Leading Guarantee

Industry Leading Guarantee

How we do it at Fox

Our income guarantee relies on us, not you, with simple terms, that if you join us you will be covered by the industries leading guarantee starting at $1,000 per week. This guarantee also stops too many team members being located close to one another or us starting another Fox while you are getting established.

icon - New Equipment

New Equipment

Commercial Grade Equipment

We hand-pick all equipment to ensure quality and endurance giving you peace of mind in the field at the best prices with our buying power on all your setup and ongoing purchases.

icon - Easy Financing

Easy Financing

Equipment Finance Available

Affordable finance and rental packages to help you into your business with a lower upfront cost, where you can repay as you earn

icon - Advertising


We Advertise Constantly

Fox constantly advertises for potential new customers using online and offline advertising strategies

icon - Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Creating Genuine Leads

We generate leads through numerous sources including online directories and allow and setup social media platforms for our team members to use to grow their businesses

icon - No Lock In Contracts

No Lock In Contracts

Moving On Is Easy

You are never "locked in" with us at Fox, we realise things and circumstances change, so if they do, we will work with you should you need to move on.

icon - Fairness Guarantee

Fairness Guarantee

We Don't Hide Anything

We guarantee that we'll play fair, straight down the line following the ACCC rules that there’s no signup without FULL disclosure, meeting, and a trial day to make sure it suits you and you are suitable, many are not, if we think that, we will be honest in telling you why and other opportunities you might want to consider.

Get Up And Running In
No Time with Fox.

After all, you're here to make money as quickly as possible without the slow start, low income, & no guarantee complications that is starting on your own.

Our joining process is easy and will get you up and running your new business in no time


Fox Mowing Available Businesses

New & Established Businesses for sale in your local area


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Meet the Fox Mowing Team


NSW, QLD & ACT State Manager


With over 20 years experience in property maintenance, and over 10 years as a manager and franchisor between Jim’s Mowing & Fox, Leo has successfully started almost 400 people within the industry

As manager for NSW/ACT & QLD Leo has single handedly grown the Fox brand in the region with his passion, drive and commitment to his franchisees ensuring that they are provided with all the support, knowledge and experience required to be successful in their career.

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National Manager


As a successful Jim’s Franchisor with over 170 franchisees as well as coach, consultant and divisional support officer in Jim’s Mowing.

Phil decided to leave Jim’s and fill the void in the industry by founding Fox Mowing in 2012 with the aim to provide quality customer service with a fair and supportive business model helping to grow, nurture and support its franchisees through every step of their journey.

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A few Fox Team Members who chose us over our competitors

Fox Members have done their homework to choose us and there are good reasons behind their decisions

Derek van Braam

Joined July 2015

With a background as a training manager and having worked for years in the operations & marketing industry Derek hit the ground running and in just 6 months of joining Fox had established a regular customer base of over 70 domestic and commercial clients! Derek is now one of Newcastle & NSW’s biggest operators. quote-down

Derek van Braam
Warners Bay, Newcastle
Paul Clarkson

Joined May 2016

I joined Fox in 2016 from a catering background. Three years later I have my wife and daughter working with me, more spare time than ever and have earned over $10,000 within a single week, which I was told was possible but never believed it! quote-down

Paul Clarkson
Thornlands, Bris
Adam James

Joined August 2017

From working in a nursery and fruit orchard to real estate, hardware and farming, Adam’s background is nothing but diverse. Combining his passion for gardening & his dream of running his own business, l Adam joined the Fox team in 2017. Now as a Fox, Adam runs one of Brisbane’s best single operator businesses and helps to train new Foxes. quote-down

Adam James
Alexandra Hills, Bris
Marcus Woods

Joined November 2017

Having been in the industry since 2008, Marcus made the move from another franchise system to join Fox in 2017 to continue to grow his business, and share his wealth of experience by supporting his local community. Marcus now runs one of Sydney’s best single operator businesses. quote-down

Marcus Woods
Warners Bay, Newcastle

Frequently Asked Questions

Most common questions we are asked

A: Yes, if you feel that you need to. And we take all your ideas on board and will trial them for you if we feel they are viable in your area. As we’ve said, this is YOUR business. (We also allow Social Media)

A: Yes, as long as you have the proper training and appropriate certifications as legally required in your state. We understand that you might already have a previous trade, so feel free to advertise these extras to your heart’s content to your clients, home owners want and need many services from our team.

A: Of course you can. You’re your own boss. Just remember that you get paid for the work you do but it works both ways, you don’t get paid for the work that you don’t do. You don’t even have to feel guilty about your clients, because whenever we can we’ll help you cover your work commitments while you’re away, sick or injured. Of course, we might ask you to do the same for others at times. It’s part of being in our team.

A: In urban areas we have a minimum of 2500 households in a territory. In rural areas or smaller towns in some cases an entire suburb or region is yours, service area is unlimited with Fox along with no regions, so there are no limits with Fox!

A: Within the industry, no not at all, but over the years we’ve learned a lot about saturation within certain areas. Within Fox we have strict rules to ensure this does not affect our business or our team members, unlike some other systems with regions and small territory sizes.

A: Put simply no. From a comfortable one-man or one-woman show, to you and an offsider, or if you want to run multiple utes, trailers with employees, we will help you grow your business to suit what you want from it.

A: Yes, as the business grows in clients so does its resale value. Better yet, you can sell your client base as it grows, earning you large lump sum profits often and throughout your time in the industry with us. For more details, just ask us.

A: At Fox we are looking for highly motivated, people who are organised, perform activities to a high standard both for themselves or their clients. They need to communicate well, be well presented, enjoy meeting new people and have the ability to problem solve and not let that affect their performance, whilst enjoying outdoor, physically demanding work and are open to taking instructions and being trained in something new. The main reason people fail in any business is they are unsuitable, we look to trial you at Fox and if we think for whatever reason you won’t be successful suggest other opportunities for you.

Are you ready to start your journey as a business owner?

Contact us today on 1800 369 669 and start your journey to becoming a business owner and taking control over your life, income, family & friend time and always working close to home!

About Fox Mowing

Established in 2012, Fox Mowing and Gardening is the not-so-new kid on the lawn mowing and garden maintenance block. While Fox Mowing may be young, our head team of owners and managers holds over 25 years of experience. It is this experience, along with our belief that consumers are looking for a more personalised and hands-on approach from their garden service providers, that has led to us being one of the fastest growing mowing and gardening franchises in the industry.